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The Start of Something Brave

I’m so excited by the theme of this year’s MOPS!  “Be You Bravely” is the theme; encouraging us to live our lives to the fullest, the way God intended.  Oftentimes as moms we are shackled by our own fears and insecurities, when we could be doing so much more!  And I’m not talking about adding another thing to our already busy calendar.  I’m talking about those hopes and dreams that are still unfulfilled. I’m talking about those things we desire to do but are too afraid to do them.  Too often we tell ourselves we can’t, when in fact, we can!  We just need to take action.  The first step is always the hardest!  Is there something in your life that is hindering you from being all God intended you to be?  Do you have a dream or vision that seems all too far from reach?  I encourage you to pray about it, and join us at MOPS so we can begin the journey TOGETHER. After all, one of the bravest things you have already done is become a Mom! 🙂